Thanks for visiting the musty archives of L.A. punk rock . Most of the
    files on this page are large  because we wanted to present the
    original documents whenever possible. That means REALLY long
    downloads for those of you on 28-56k service. We apologize, but we
    felt it was better to put the real stuff out than to try to repost them as
    HTML documents and ruin the authenticity.

    We have a small amount of video footage of great L.A. & S.F. punk
    bands that we'll post occasionally in the "Welcome To The Masque
    Section" (see below). We thought it was about time to let the world
    see and hear what the scene was really like. There's no way to
    explain what it was like to be at the Masque in 1977, but these videos
    might give you some idea.
1979 NY Rocker article
on the Bags.
Courtesy of Oliver C. and
Andy Schwartz
The first 2 Years of Punk in Los
Angeles. A family tree reprinted
from Slash Magazine. Part 1 only,
for now.
A handmade X button from Alice's
jewelry box. Bands made their own
promotional material by hand back in
the early punk scene. Click on the
button for more thoughts on X.
A postcard from the
Terry Graham writes to
Alice from the middle of
a Gun Club European
Craig his own
words. An interview
regarding the L.A.
Punk scene.
We were given permission by the
very cool Danny Vinik at to post a direct
link to a video of my old
Canterbury roommate,
Sheila,onstage in 1979 with the
Screamers. Check it out by
clicking on the thumbnail above.
1977 tips on "How to
Look Punk" featuring
Bobby Pyn of The Germs
Selections from Alice's Mom's
collection of Weirdos ephemera.
Check out pages from one of the earliest
West Coast based Punk fanzines,
Generation X.
Flipside punk
calendar. Click on
cover to see each
month's local band.
Venus and
A Craig Lee article from 1981
about the rise of heroin abuse in
the L.A. music scene. This is
about the time I got out of the
scene and went back to school.
Courtesy of Oliver C.
The very twisted Cholita!
musical family tree.
The original
recording contract for
the Bags.
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1977 Sounds article on
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Exilio Interior Entrevista
2009 Spanish language
interview with Alice.
Photos and info on the
legendary Masque.
Ruta 66 Entrevista con Alice Bag
2009 Spanish
language interview
with Alice for Ruta
66 magazine.