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Latest update: May 2013

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Facebook page for updates. Please follow me on
Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr to stay up to date on musical
projects, appearances and general troublemaking. Violence Girl
can be purchased at your local bookstore (ask for it) or through

The Internet should remain free and uncensored. Access to
historical information should not be limited by private control.
We are the historians and we are the media.

Inform yourself. Educate yourself. Empower yourself.
Change your world.

It is my sincere hope that visitors to this site will come away
with some idea of the burning desire for change that fueled the
original punk movement and continues to inspire people.

The struggle continues.

Alice Bag

Contact me at or via mail at
Alicia Velasquez
P.O. Box 41812
Los Angeles, CA 90041
Recent Press and
Alice in the June 2012 issue of Bitch, photo by Angie Skull.