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ALICE BAG - DEBUT LP on don giovanni records 

LP cover art by Martin Sorrondeguy

LP cover art by Martin Sorrondeguy

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My self-titled debut LP was recorded in Los Angeles in October 2015 at Station House Studio, engineered by Mark Rains. Produced by Lysa Flores and Alice Bag. Mastered by Pete Lyman at Infrasonic Studios, January 2016. All songs written by Alice Bag. 


01. Little Hypocrite

02. He's So Sorry

03. Programmed

04. Suburban Home

05. The Touch I Crave

06. Poisoned Seed

07. No Means No

08. Weigh About You

09. Modern Day Virgin Sacrifice

10. Incorporeal Life

11. Inesperado Adios

This record would not have been possible without a small army of incredibly talented musicians. I am grateful for their participation.

Personnel (in alphabetical order)
Genevieve Atkerson - backing vocals
Alice Bag - lead vocals, backing vocals, guitar, piano
Joe Berardi - drums and percussion
Vaneza Calderon - acoustic and electric bass
Cesar Castro - lead vocals on Inesperado Adios
Sharif Dumani - lead and rhythm guitars, piano on Inesperado Adios
Tylana Enamoto - violin
Lysa Flores - guitar, backing vocals
Candace Hansen - drums
Kristian Hoffman - keyboards
David Jones - bass
Patricia Klein - guitar
Cristina Shallcross - backing vocals
Abby Travis - bass
Mecca Vazie Andrews - backing vocals
Chelsea Velasquez - backing vocals
Rikki Watson - drums
Allison Wolfe - backing vocals

Lyric sheet and musician credit can be found here: LYRICS