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The official website of Alice Bag: musician, author, punk feminist, master troublemaker.

Punk legend Alice Bag is back in book form and is as explosive as ever. Pipe Bomb For The Soul excels in rekindling that revolutionary fervor existing in Nicaragua as it attempted a more pluralistic socialist democracy while mired in a bloody U.S.-backed Contra war.
— OC Weekly, May 2015
Arriba La Paz, Cristy C. Road

Arriba La Paz, Cristy C. Road

Pipe Bomb for the Soul is now available as a softcover book and is available for purchase via Createspace and Amazon - CLICK HERE. 

Pipe Bomb for the Soul is based on Alice Bag's 1986 Nicaraguan diaries. A post-punk look at life in a post-revolutionary socialist society, Pipe Bomb for the Soul explodes consumerist, capitalist, racial and gender assumptions and proposes a new model for growth from witnessing an alternate version of reality.

Pipe Bomb for the Soul has also been published online in blog form and can be read in entirety HERE.